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About Jean...

I have always been an artist.  Whether ensconced in duties of employment or in more mundane activities of daily life, I attempt to apply my sense of artistry.  Others have professed that art is their passion.  So it is with me.  The urge to create pushes me forward, calls to me at even the most inopportune of moments, and brings joy to my soul when I follow its calling.

I am currently involved with many creative endeavors, including painting, photography, writing, jewelry-design, and gardening.  Please enjoy exploring my website and visit it often as I add more images and keep you updated on my writing as well as events.

 I was employed for 30 years by Denver Public Schools, first as a third grade teacher, then as program manager for the elementary gifted and talented programs for the District.  I expressed my creativity in everything from my teaching materials and classroom bulletin boards to inservice handouts.

 I retired from my career in education to pursue my passion for creativity in general and photography in particular.  I was owner and principal artist of PHOTOGRAPHERS’ GALLERY for nine years.  As assistant manager of Ten Thousand Villages, Denver from 1997 until 2007 I was involved with selling handcrafted items created by third world artisans.